Friday, July 16, 2010

PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services Session#1

I've produced a video that demonstrates how to get the PivotViewer Extension for RS installed (including the sample app) and help you get started.

Also, one quick (but important) mention (it's also part of the video): you'll have to explicitely unblock the PowerShell script in order to be able to run it (I've forgotten to sign it). The video demostrates how to unblock the script (really easy).

Here is the video. Make sure you view it in HD. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi,

    I believe a lot in the potential of Microsoft Labs Pivot in BI scenarios.

    One limitation is the impossibility of "changing" view (ie analysing top seller by region, channel, eccetera), which is precisely what most people do with Excel pivots, and what you cannot do with MS Labs Pivot, since every item has one data instance.

    I tried to solve this by "swapping" pivot views.

    What still bothers me is the fact that Pivot can "count" but cannot "sum". It shows you the 10 top sellers, but does not allow you to sum up the total sales of those 10 top sellers.

    Any idea of how to solve this?

    Thanks so much

    fabio annovazzi

    fabio.annovazzi at

  2. @fabio: in pivotviewer extension for SSRS the data associated with each item is dynamic. More such "dynamicity" will be added - like, for example, the capability to cross drill to another view. It is true it "does not sum". PivotViewer is not a replacement for pivot tables of excel - more of a complementary way of visualization.

  3. I just installed the tool and the sample with no issues.
    Looks great, congratulations Christian:)

    By the way, yesterday, I was able to see the video.
    Video is missing now (only dark screen box)!?

    Surush Cyrus

  4. @Surush: Thank you Surush, maybe there is an issue with your machine? Here are the original links:

  5. While installing pivotviewer i got the error message "permission denied on database master"...
    which user want access to database master? the user how calling the exe?
    i think it's the the step to create the database for pivotviewer

  6. Hi,

    Have you had any joy setting this up for SQL 2012 RC0 yet?

    If so what are the neccessary tricks – I manage to install the sample but I get an error when i try to crawl the Inventory. Error is Unsupported data format : application/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  7. I have the same issue and same error.

    Error is Unsupported data format : application/

    Please help!!!


  8. I have the same error as well using SQL 2012.

    Cristian, any suggestions or solutions?

    Any help would be great!