Friday, July 23, 2010

PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services Session#2

I've produced a new video that dives down into the anatomy of a PivotViewer application for Reporting Services and shows how to build a cool app (original link:

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Also, there has been a bug report (thanks to Kasper) that PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services does not deal well with null values. Indeed, this is a bug, fixed already and will be available in CTP2.

As another tip, for whenever a collection doesn't "load" Fiddler2 is your friend: it lets you investigate the web requests/responses to/from SharePoint.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Demo Video of PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services

Please see the video where Donald Farmer demonstrates the capabilities of PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services. It's awsome:

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Friday, July 16, 2010

PivotViewer Extension for Reporting Services Session#1

I've produced a video that demonstrates how to get the PivotViewer Extension for RS installed (including the sample app) and help you get started.

Also, one quick (but important) mention (it's also part of the video): you'll have to explicitely unblock the PowerShell script in order to be able to run it (I've forgotten to sign it). The video demostrates how to unblock the script (really easy).

Here is the video. Make sure you view it in HD. Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

And It Is Live...

The CTP1 of PivotViewer for Reporting Services has just shipped! Get your free download from here. As I was saying in an earlier post, it is a concept project. It's not supported, and not a feature.

However, it is really cool! It allows you to easily create stunning visualizations on top of your BI data - and these visualizations are fully dynamic: you decide at runtime which subset of data you should see, it shows the actual live numbers, and you decide how much (meta)data you associate with each card. Also, all of the cards are generated by the service, so it is very convenient. Of course it comes with sample data, and a tutorial.

I will continue to post articles here but if you have questions, I suggest you ask them on the PowerPivot forum. I will monitor it for questions related to PivotViewer for Reporting Services.

Videos will be posted soon - I'll keep you informed (also on twitter) about the location.